Phoenix Trading Software Is Scam – Real Review Revealed!

Phoenix Trading Review

We have received many complaints from traders who were scammed of their money by Phoenix trading app. We considered it wise to review this scandalous website and warn our readers against doing business with the software, and people behind the system. There is confusion as to the ownership of the system. William Johnston claimed to be working for a group called the Marshall Sherman narrated that the trading tool can make you rich within a few months. He claimed that Marshall Sherman Group owns the system. Our investigation revealed that there is no group known as Marshall Sherman and William Johnston is not in existence. If you have any evidence of their existence, we will like to hear that.

As regards to making money using Software, you cannot make even a dime with the app. Instead of making money, you are going to lose your money. One of the complaints that shocked us is the narration by one of our readers that he funded his account with his credit card. He said that apart from the fact that his money could not be traced to the broker; the people behind Phoenix Trading system heavily overcharged his credit card. Our investigation has revealed that many people have suffered the same thing. We understand that some of these victims are planning a suit against the scam system.

Phoenix Trading Review

William Johnston attempts to woe people, especially greedy investors into using their huge bonus. He claimed that they are trying fifty beta testers who can test run the app with a deposit of $200. The money will be doubled with another $200 if such traders fund their trading account. As fantastic as these offers may seem, it is obvious to us that put the offer was to deceive people into using their app. Have you asked yourself how a system that is in business to make money can offer to give you their money making software free, and at the same time is volunteering to double your trading account. As said, such trick was specifically put there to extort money from greedy investors. Not professional trader will buy that nonsense.

Phoenix Trading Software Acknowledges it is a Scam

Even the software makers acknowledge that the system is a scam, and if you think that they did not mean it when they say that they were here to scam you, and then you are making a grievous mistake. Some people may consider it as a typographical error, but it is a strategy by them to get out of the hook should there be a lawsuit against them. They have warned you that they are here to scam you, and you went ahead and allowed them to scam you. In this circumstance, do you have any reason to hold the company responsible for your financial losses? Of course, you do not have the moral justification to do that.

Fake testimonials

Do you expect to see a verifiable and reliable testimonial from a fraudulent app like Phoenix Trading system? Of course, you cannot. True to our assumption, we have empirical evidence that shows that testimonials paraded in both the video and the website are fake. We spotted one of the scammers from who can do anything for you just for $5. We can confidently say that the scammer was spotted in another app we reviewed here sometime ago in the Aussie Method. We are now sure that there is a group of people that specialize in bringing fake trading tools just to rip people off. There is a powerful syndicate behind this.

We have talked about non existence of both William Johnston and Marshall Sherman the purported owners of the app. If you think otherwise, you can contact the Better Business Bureau to see if you can get any lead of the company. This at least should teach investors a lesson that before you use any trading app, you have to verify the real identities of people behind such an app to ensure that you are not scammed of your money.

Phoenix Trading Scam

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Phoenix Trading App has No Endorsement Anywhere

Phoenix Trading system does not get an endorsement from reputable review sites; instead, what you can see about them is negative review from people who were scammed of their money. If you check Google and other search engines, you will observe that the trading app is being blacklisted by notable websites. You can conduct the search yourself and you will be amazed of negative reviews about Phoenix trading app that already flooded the internet. These are enough to warn you of the dangers ahead.

Everything about this software is deception. Evidence posted as winning trades is fake; we can confirm that it is a product of Photoshop. Even information of successful traders excerpts from Facebook, Twitter and so are fake. If you want to be sure that it is fake, try to click the feed provided and you will see that it is not clickable. The same thing can be said of the logos and certifications presented, all these are fake as they are stolen from somewhere else. Do not be deceived by the cheap and fake information provided by these scammers.

Flawed Registration Process

Have you considered their registration process? It is flawed as every other thing in the app. William Johnston the fictional character will deceive you into believing that you are registering for the software only to take you to a broker where you would be required to register and fund your trading account. This is the worst deceit we have ever seen. Even the broker they present to you is not registered and not regulated. They made everything easy for themselves so that they can easily make away with your money without trace.

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You now have sufficient information to do away with scam websites like Phoenix Trading Software. Everything about that app is fake. It was designed to steal money from traders. We have reviewed different profitable trading apps that can make you money. Use any of them.

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