Millionaire Trader Biz Review – A Dreadful Scam!

Millionaire Trader Biz Review

Our comprehensive Millionaire Trader Biz Review reveals that its a dreadful scam. Wondering why? Read our review with proofs and findings stating that its nothing but another ponzi scam!

Okay! So once again we appear with information on another software scam ‘The Millionaire Trader Biz’. Its tempting,idealistic and a fraud!! And In our attempt to create a base of well informed internet audience worldwide we bring to you all that we could to show you the face behind the mask, the scam behind the Millionaire Trader Biz.

Millionaire trader biz is another software that promises an overnight earning using online trading schemes .It gives huge numbers and big promises, a wow success story and all that is engaging. but is all of this true? What if we tell you its not! What if we explain its a scam, a fraud and just another trap!! Well we won’t just say it we will show it!!

Why Millionaire Trader Biz is a Scam?


Great question!! Lets start from the scratch and before we answer your question of it being a scam or not you need to answer a few question to yourself.. What we do next is put forth some questions which you should and try to answer them as well and then we answer it for you with logical evidence.

So shall we start the game?! Cool lets get started.

Que 1. Does anyone know anything about Philip Green, the so called creator of the Millionaire Trader Biz Software?

Ans: No, even the google does not bring you any substantial information on him or his personality, education basic details etc, hence a pretty imaginary guy creating a lucrative scam in the form of Millionaire Trading Biz.

How can you trust on schemes whose founders identity is shady, hidden or simply does not exist! No founder for Millionaire trader biz is the first and strongest sign of a scam! A guy who can create such a magnificent software can’t go without identity right? Neither he has a reason to hide his identity .right?

Fine now next move to question 2.

Que2: Does the website give any reliable information?

Ans: Its basically a blank page if you ignore the baseless build up.No serious information, misleading huge numbers and promises too great to be true. Still wondering if its a scam??

If a successful product that can earn as huge as is claimed in its video, it can definitely afford better informed website, don’t you think so? Well we do! So why it does not? Sign of something wrong, yes it is. Sign of scam yes, loud and clear!

Next question please,

Que3: Who endorses it? Who is the franchise of this Millionaire Trader Biz?

Ans: Again the web searches fail. No news portal, no authorised industry blogs no listings anywhere. The internet remains silent in terms of any such information about Millionaire trader biz software. If it was really a success story why the world is not following it yet?

After all these basic question answered based on logic and observation alone ,are we still left with any place of doubt about this as a  scam!!

Millionaire Trader Biz Review

Millionaire Trader Biz official website:

Does it not occur to you that it’s a ‘scam’ with a capital ‘S’?

If it doesn’t yet. Then please look at the bottom of the webpage and  note the copyright at the footer of their website copyright © 2014.. Nothing bad right? Yes only if you knew the actual release date for this software is 19th November 2015. So why was it mentioned as 2014?? A small typo error by a mediocre team of web developers or a clever stand-away to show a stable and old website?? Why will a successful business unit do something like Millionaire trader biz does? If it’s not a scam?

And we could not like to believe that you will go by well scripted loud actors with fake voice modulations, to invest Into schemes, would you? The video that plays gives some unbelievable numbers and success stories but then not all well acted movies are a hit..some fail and are declared flop, right?!

Let move a step ahead in case you still need more proof of a scam or may be you are curious to know more 😉  in any case lets take another step.

We signed in using a fake mail just to get the access to the next level of Millionaire Trader Biz software. And its not very satisfying, nothing to assure us that we are on wrong side of the coin rather I establishes the scam in millionaire trader biz.

We see pictures of so called students or beneficiaries of the scam, read their testimony and see what all of them magically manage to appear on So the scam steal pictures of paid actors to actually look lucrative. Millionaire trader biz boosts of awesome results and great sum so why does it use popular faces of paid actors with false testimony.

We are not making it up you can do some research and see for yourself!!

Going back to the Millionaire trader Biz software, after fake, broken testimonials it’s established that its a scam!!

Lets try some reasoning. Online trading no doubt when done with proper information is rewarding and can bring you a lot of profit but Rome was not build in a day and nothing worth millions can be possible overnight. So, before you believe in any such schemes please do enough research and avoid chances of any scam. With all the above information that we provided you its easier bow to draw a verdict!



Verdict: Millionaire Trader Biz software is a scam!! Beware!!!

Scams like the Millionaire trader biz software are abundant over the internet and before you fall for them make sure you ask the basic questions of what and why and do some research.

The Millionaire Trader Biz is a well built scam and you can thank us later after you establish all our claims yourself maybe using a fake id 😉 😛 do some research before you fall into any such traps and then in any case you will always have us to discuss, identify and enlighten you with any such scams on the net.

Stay informed stay safe!!


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